How to find best recruitment agencies


Every agency will say that they are the best on the market and they might as well be, but this doesn't mean they will be your best fit. When applying for a job in a competitive hiring environment, it’s important to have every possible advantage, or a hiring manager may never even see your resume. The right education and training, relevant experience and industry certifications are all important. But it sometimes takes much more to land an interview, and ultimately, the job.

More job seekers are using job recruitment agencies to help them navigate the hiring process. Not only does a good agency find you more opportunities with hiring managers, but it can also be a valuable long-term career partner. If you’re considering a recruitment agency, follow these tips to determine whether it’s a good or bad one.


How to choose the best recruitment agency?

  • Don't limit your recruitment agency search to those advertising positions of interest. 
  • Proceed thoughtfully, and choose a recruitment agency that’s a good fit for you and the career opportunities you seek.
  • Know the good qualities you want and the bad qualities you want to avoid.


Things to consider when choosing the best recruitment agency

Approachability: Look for agencies that easy to approach. They should seem genuinely interested in learning about you as a person, as well as your career goals.

Sales ability:  Look for one with strong sales skills that will accurately represent you to employers.

Optimism:  Team up with a recruitment agency partner that makes it easier for you by being positive and motivating.

Industry expertise: Good agencies understand your industry, the roles they are recruiting for and the needs of employers. 

Establishment: Find out how established the agency is and how long the recruiter you’ll be working with has been there. If they have a high turnover rate, your consultant may not have developed long-term, established relationships with employers. 

Resume help: Good recruitment agencies are experts in resumes and cover letters so they will advise on how these documents should look like knowing what is expected from the client.


Things to avoid when choosing your recruitment agency

Fees: Avoid signing any contracts that require you to ever pay a fee, even if they find you a job.

Lack of interest: Some agencies don’t interview individual candidates in person. Or, they may push you toward jobs that are not suitable for you, but pay larger fees to them. 

Overpromising: Recruitment consultants can't guarantee you a job. Remember that all hiring decisions are made by the employer, not the recruitment agency.

Lack of privacy: Recruitment consultants should always respect your privacy and be completely transparent about where they send your information.

Look for agencies with good reputations that are focused on their candidates and interested in long-term relationships. Avoid agencies that are more interested in a making a quick buck, and end contact with candidates once they’ve been placed in a position. When interviewing with an agency, ask plenty of questions that will help you learn whether they have the qualities you seek or those you wish to avoid. Find which industries they specialise in, if any, what makes them different from the competition and what types of clients they typically work with.

As stated above, no recruitment agency can guarantee you a job. However, choosing the agency that fits you and your career goals is the first step to landing the position you want. Knowing you’re represented by an agency you’re proud of and that can open additional doors will give you a greater feeling of confidence – an advantage you’ll need when you’re job hunting!


How else you can check the services of a recruiter?

The best way to check if the business is trustworthy are reviews of any kind. Most popular are on Google, Glassdoor and TrustPilot. Social media don't promote reviews anymore but if you're in doubt, you can always ask around or check the REC website.

Good luck with finding your best recruitment agency near you!

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