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Welcome to Bradford

Situated in northern England county of West Yorkshire, Bradford is the fourth largest populous metropolitan district in the England. With a population of 530,000, Bradford is a very diverse city with ethnic minorities adding up to 36% of the population. The West Yorkshire city has a rich history with the film industry with the city being the first UNESCO City of Film in 2009. Bradford has many sports teams in the city including their football team Bradford City and their rugby league team Bradford Bulls. The city is home to many popular attractions including the National Science and Media Museum which attracts people across the United Kingdom.

Living in Bradford

In 2019, Bradford was the ranked as the most improved places to live in UK due to its large reduction of unemployment rates and now is in the top 25 places to live in the country. As calculated by Gov UK, the predicted cost for a family of four living in Bradford is £2,432 per month which is cheaper than the majority cities in the county of West Yorkshire. The predicted monthly cost for a single person living in the city of Bradford is £1,033.

Jobs in Bradford

As previously stated, Bradford was awarded the most improved city in England which a large portion of that award was because the unemployment rate going from 10% in 2015 to a big decrease of 4.1% in 2018. The leading industry Bradford is the manufacturing business with over 1,200 business being in the city.

Warehouse Jobs in Bradford

Due to Bradford being one of the largest cities in the United Kingdom, there are many warehouses located across the city including some in the town centre and outskirts. Some of these warehouses are owned by huge companies including M&S, Morrison’s, and Amazon. The bigger warehouses are located outside of the city centre so if there is no public transport, you would need to find your own transport method to get to these workplaces. There are many different types of jobs that come with working in the warehousing industry including these below.

Warehouse Operative

The role of a warehouse operative involves picking and packing items, checking the quality of the products that come into the warehouse. They will also be making sure the warehouse is a safe place to work, clean, and organised. The average hourly pay rate for a warehouse operative in Bradford is £9.61.

Picker and Packer

A picker and packer have the responsibility of checking the products, making sure that they are undamaged, assigned to the right location to be dispatched. A picker and packer will also read the labels on the products, ensuring that they are being shipped to right destination. In Bradford, a picker packer estimated earns £9.16 per hour.

Forklift Driver

A forklift driver’s responsibility is to transport the products around the warehouse whether that is up and down racks or moving the product to a different sector. A forklift driver will also load and unload products, so they are ready to be dispatched. In Bradford, a forklift driver is estimated to earn £9.85 per hour.

Driving and Logistics Jobs in Bradford

The driving and logistics industry has grown massively in Bradford due to new warehouses being built in the city needing drivers to deliver their products. Furthermore, Bradford is such a big city that there is more warehouse situated and more shops in the city that need products to be taken to and from them. Due to the industry growing, there is a big range of different jobs and some of these are listed below with a brief job description.

HGV Class 1 Driver and Class 2 Driver

An HGV driver has the task of delivering the packages from the warehouse to their desired destination. The difference between a class 1 driver and a class 2 driver is that a class an HGV driver can drive a category C and E vehicle and a class 2 driver can drive a category C vehicle. In the city of Bradford, an HGV driver estimated earns £13.41 per hour.

LGV Class 1 Driver and LGV Class 2 Driver

A LGV class driver has the responsibly to transport packages from A to B in the United Kingdom. The difference between a class 1 (category C and E) and class 2 (category C) driver is to do with the type of vehicle that they can drive. A LGV driver in Bradford would earn on average £13.41 per hour.

Logistic Clerk

A logistic clerk is responsible for many tasks including managing dispatch and shipment requests, managing equipment, and packing some orders. A logistic clerk will also work with the drivers, arranging transportation methods and managing shipping schedules. In Bradford, the estimated yearly salary for a logistic clerk is £23,702 per year.










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