Why you need to consider video interview as the new normal and how to prepare for one

The rise in technology over the recent years has evolved the way that we interact with others and the world itself. Especially with COVID-19, this has affected the way businesses recruit candidates and the interview process itself. Until social distancing restrictions have been lifted, interviews are unlikely to resume the traditional ways of being conducted in person. With many companies being forced to conduct video interviews during the pandemic, the amount of video interviews has increased by 67% from 2020 – 2021. Even post-COVID, many organizations will still be wary of any health & safety procedures and would want to take as many precautions in order to maximise safety. In fact, 60% of employers plan to keep video interviews after lockdown restrictions have been lifted. 

This is why it is more essential than ever to become accustomed to video and telephone interviews. Only 2% of candidates who apply for a job are selected to attend a job interview, so learn the best video interview tips and techniques, as well as the most popular platforms used by interviewers, in this article to ensure maximum success. 

Most popular platforms for video interviews 

Many platforms are available to conduct video interviews. Skype, Zoom, Hinterview, and Odro are some of the most popular platforms for phone and video interviews so it is important to understand how they operate to ensure you are prepared as best you can be. You want to have no stress prior to an interview, if that’s even possible, to amaze them and secure your dream job.  



So the first platform that has gained popularity over this COVID period that I’m sure you have all heard of is Zoom. From participating in thought-provoking quizzes to having a family call, this platform has allowed us to keep in touch with our loved ones and socialise with others by having virtual meetings and conferences with many people in one call. 

The process to join a Zoom call is very simple. By using a link that is provided by the interviewer, you can join using the web client which does not require any additional software or plugins. You can also join using the Zoom desktop client which will provide a smoother user experience but is not essential. You will then be prompted with a screen that says “Waiting for the host to start this meeting” if it hasn’t already. There will also be a button to test out audio if you so wish to do so.  



Hinterview is another popular platform used for interviews. It is a two-way video interview tool that is optimised for recruitment. There is no need for logins or to download any additional software so it ensures a smooth process for both parties. 
One feature for Hinterview is conducting a live interview with the employer or recruiter, which is the most traditional choice. However, Hinterview allows for pre-recorded messages to be sent in order to make the process more efficient. So you will be sent the video by the interviewer and you will be allowed a certain time to respond to it. Some may even allow re-recording your response so check if this is possible. This method allows the interviewers to conduct a more comprehensive analysis of your video to see if you are the suited candidate for the role. If you get nervous speaking to an interviewer live, this may help as it can be less intimidating. It is also GDPR compliant which means it is secure and that all of your data and recordings are safe. 
Hintro is an additional Hinterview video engagement tool that allows recruiters to record quick videos to engage with clients and candidates. This can be used to enhance your CV giving the interviewer a glimpse into who you really are and how you express yourself. Your CV will be displayed next to your video so it is also important to refine that as well. There are many templates and tips on the internet that can help you do this.  
The video can easily be trimmed and edited without any specialist software so you can enhance yourself and increase your chances of success. The traditional CV on paper is only a small portion of what you have to offer so make sure you convey yourself authentically if you have to do this. Our tips later in this article will help you do this to ensure success. 



Odro is similar to Hinterview in the features it offers. There are no downloads, logins, or passwords that are required. All you need is a link to join and you will be set up. 

You can have two-way video interviews as with any video conferencing software, but you also have the option to answer pre-recorded interview questions sent by the recruiter or interviewer. You can answer these questions in your own time so you can take an adequate amount of time to prepare. Odro also offers Zoom & MS teams integration so this can make your experience smoother if you already have these platforms. They also have complete data security (ISO 27001 certified) so there is nothing to worry about in regards to your data. The principles are the same for both platforms essentially and you would need to prepare yourself in a similar fashion. 



I’m sure you have all heard of Skype. It has been one of the most popular software for video interviews for a considerable amount of time. You cannot send pre-recorded messages with skype so it would be a live interview if this was arranged with your interviewer. 

Skype requires you to download the software for a call so make sure you allow yourself enough time to download this in preparation. 

Spark Hire  


Similar to Hinterview and Odro, this platform for video interviews allows you to have a two-way live interview as well as one-way interviews with pre-recorded messages. Some interviewers may even allow you to re-record answers so it is useful to find out if this is an option. Make sure you are comfortable and in the correct mindset when you record them. The last thing you want is to rush an answer to a question that you can answer in your own time. 

Microsoft Teams 


This is another platform for video interviews that has gained popularity over this COVID period. With Microsoft Teams you can have live two-way video calls with multiple people, however, you would need to download the software to use it. 


Nowwe will give you some essential tips and hacks that will help you prepare for an interview so you can exude confidence and be in the optimal mindset!  

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