Attracting the right talent

Attracting the right talent 

Candidates often point to the same mistakes of recruiters: low level of knowledge about the job they recruit for, lack of feedback after interviews and prolonged recruitment processes. According to the latest researches conducted by the largest job boards, almost 52% of candidates complain about the lack of an individual approach during job interviews. 

Thanks to the easy-to-apply steps, the recruiter can strengthen the image of the employer. On the other hand, in the event of internal recruitment errors, candidates will not want to cooperate further. The HR department, which does not know how to ensure relations with candidates are thoughtful, will not recruit the best employees. 

Therefore, if you want to acquire valuable employees and minimise the risk of recruitment errors, invest time in training recruiters. 


Why does HR have to cooperate with the recruitment department?  

8 out of 10 candidates indicates that during the recruiting process, the person responsible for HR was not able to specifically describe the duties and requirements of the jobThis means that the vast majority of HR specialists do not know exactly what the people they are looking for will be doing. It is worth starting the recruitment process with training recruiters in the specificity of the department's work and the candidate sought. 


Where to start?  

Start with an observation of your best internal employees of the department for which HR or recruiters are hiring. Those candidates that were successful in their previous jobs, will bring their knowledge and experience to yours. If the observation isn’t enough, look into the numbers and check how successful your current staff is against their targets.  


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