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As someone famously said ‘it all begins with ‘why’. Why are you in business? Why are you different? Why do you do what you do?

Our why is uniquely simple

‘To improve the lives of the temporary workers that are employed by us’

Our workforce are valued both by us and the end client. We look after them, we have a relationship with them. They are individuals with individual needs and we have their back. We support them, we help them, we counsel them. We do everything we can to make their working life a happy and enjoyable place. 

Our entire focus is this. With this one, simple proposition we have clear direction and can find new ways to help our temporary workforce with their goals and ambitions.


This is why so many temporary workers choose Accept as their employer of choice.

Our clients benefit from a happy and stable workforce. This is why we are the supplier of choice to over 100 clients on a weekly basis.

If you need help with flexible workers, then please speak with us. We can show ‘why’ we do what we do

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Daria and Aggie -about Accept Recruitment the best recruitment agency in Leicester and Leeds

OUR VALUESTrust and Honesty

Our greatest asset is our team members. Open and honest communication improves strengths of the team
We are passionate recruiters with a continuous desire to learn and innovate. We exceed our customer’s expectations
Our knowledge makes us specialists while our compassion makes us human beings - a perfect combo to a long-lasting relationship.
We recognize the unique value in everyone while working as a team. We promote an environment of collaboration and respect.
When we respect one another, we can work as a team to achieve at a high level. Our strongest asset is the power of “we”
Everything changes with time and the only way to address the differences is to remain honest. Always.

Key Company Highlights

Accept Recruitment offers staffing solutions for business since 2015 but our recruitment knowledge is from far beyond that date. We have been supporting more than 7,000 candidates annually in Leicester, West Yorkshire and Derbyshire, thanks to the wide range of jobs we offer and here is our story.

  • February 2022

    New branch location

    New branch officially opens in Bristol
  • January 2022

    New head office

    New head office opens in Leicester
  • February 2021

    Company growth during Covid-19

    Another successful and profitable year during uncertain times (Covid-19 and Brexit)
  • May 2020

    Marketing Division launch

    Marketing Division launched to promote visibility and PR of business
  • September 2019

    New office

    New office opens in Coventry with onsite win
  • October 2019

    New division

    Managed Services Division launched to support onsite operations
  • May 2019

    Large scale business won

    First onsite business won by Lisa Baker in Leeds
  • April 2019

    New Office

    New Operation based in Leeds opens and is spearheaded by Lisa Baker
  • November 2018

    New larger premises

    Premise relocation to our own unit due to significant business growth
  • August 2017

    First onsite

    First onsite operation won in Leicester
  • August 2016

    Moved to a larger office

    We outgrow our present office and move premises
  • February 2016

    Successful first financial year

    First Financial year ends and the business is profitable
  • May 2015

    First workers supplied

    Company launches and the first temporary workers are recruited, ready for our first assignment at Creation Finishing


By helping people to build their future based on trust and integrity, we create long-lasting relationships and the environment of choice for many talented recruiters. Together, we make our candidates and clients’ life successful and trouble-free wherever they might be. Our goal is to become the most transparent and technologically advanced recruitment agency in the UK and we are constantly on the look-out for likeminded people. We have superpowers, because we have each other. Does this sound like you? If yes, then send us your CV!

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George Accept Recruitment the best recruitment agency in leicester and Leeds for Warehousing and Logistics

Lisa Baker
Director of Client Solutions
Mark Pearce
Managing Director
Monika Loj
Operations Director
John Smith-Howell
IT & Marketing Director
Agnieszka Jasinska
Regional Manager - Managed Services
Daria Bhavsar
General Manager

OUR TEAMAwesome Team Members


Here is a team of top-class experts who do what seems impossible every day. We are a group of committed individuals whose passion is to find new opportunities and enjoy every minute we spend together. We focus on development and innovation and we are proud of it!

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